Do., 18. August 2022

  1. Duschtert /

    Was ist an der Technik neu? Gibt es schon mehrere Jahre und wird unter anderem bei alten Bauten (Kathedralen) eingesetzt. Selbst Windräder werden so abgestrahlt, zwar ohne Kalibrierungspunkte.

  2. MO_robotics /

    Dear Duschtert,
    thanks for your interest.
    There are several differences with the already performed experiments done such as on Kathedralen.
    Without markers it is not possible to detect small variations, since the tests done with other techniques such as structure from motion are not accurate because has not the scale parameter in consideration…to not go too much into details. Also in this case, the aerial robots (drones) used in this project was performing a fully autonomous flight without a pilot and taking into consideration the bridge location and of course without using the typical GPS-based waypoints that are easy to use in open locations but not nearby big buildings or structures.
    If you want more details you are more than welcome to pass by the University of Luxembourg and we will explain you all the details…not only in English.

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